Friday, April 11, 2008

Living On A Prayer

I've done a lot of praying this year, a lot of praying for people I know better than others and some whom I've never met. To name a few:

Joan Fontaine, the 9th Wonder of the World, may she maintain good health and live to be 100 years young and beyond;

The candidates who are running for President, that they are safe and sound especially considering the tasking and at times brutal campaign season that is upon us and in spite of my own political opinions or personal feelings towards them;

Denae D'Arcy, that she restarts her journalism career and that her relationship will stay together and grow in spite of the distance;

Kate The Great; Denae's good friend who is making a career transition from the world of news broadcasting to handling marketing for a non-profit organization;

Lisa Cornwell (and others who move to the area) that they are welcomed with Southern hospitality and that they enjoy the area as well as their work;

Christie Sanders, that she makes the successful transition from high school to college and does well at her new work at the Grand Ole Opry which she begins this summer;

Mindy McCready, who seems to be putting her life back together and that her upcoming album that has yet to be produced will become her best one yet;

Angela, my cousin (although she is more like a sister) who is gradually putting her life back together after a bitter two-year divorce battle and near financial ruin, that she grows professionally in her law firm position, continues to grow as a mother, sister, cousin, and that she still has it in her heart that love does overcome and win in spite of what has happened in the past;

Most of these things have come true or are on their way towards becoming true.

I rarely pray for myself because I don't think that is proper. But in this case, I really do need a prayer and lots of em' I've been writing to NFL teams (actually off and on for nearly a decade now) inquiring about openings particularly in scouting.

At least now, I've started to get some feedback although no offers yet. However, call it intuition, a sign or what have you, I am cautiously optimistic that a breakthrough will come somewhere if there is a God.
I also wrote to Bengals coach Marvin Lewis and included an article on James Banks who played last year at Carson Newman college. He is hoping and praying for a shot just as much as I am.

So your prayers on a new career change would be great. Especially given the dead end jobs I've worked, the layoffs, the misdirections, the lack of hope, not to mention my dream of playing football was taken from me because of a lack of height and not having enough talent to play although the desire remains as strong today as it did then, actually even stronger. I need a breakthrough (and a break for once!), I'm long overdue for a prayer to be granted.


Liz said...

Chris, I hope you realize the positive changes that you are praying are for yourself. I want Joan Fontaine to live many, many more years as long as she remains in good physical and mental health.

Thabang Motsei said...

Chris, I have certainly added you in my list of prayers. I undersand how hard it is to want something badly and everytime you think you're closer to it, its still far. You reach out and its not enough. So I say to you, what we want starts to become real the minute we start to think on it and act on it. It will happen!I think its very great that you pray for those close to you, more blessings to you.

Chris F. said...

Thanks for your prayers. I am cautiously optimistic that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I've thought that before too. Nonetheless, what does happen if your dreams don't come true? What should one do? Any thoughts?

Thabang Motsei said...

i keep asking myself the same question. What happens if i become the "average joe"? Will I find happiness in settling?

I guess my answer to that question is " We should never stop dreaming and while we're dreaming we should remember to have one foot on the ground to remember that thre's more in our lives than chasing a career goal. just a thought!