Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If More People Thought Like Me,...

the world would be a better place. LOL. I know! I have a high opinion of myself these days. You have to in order to get by the stuff we are going through such as high gas prices, Iraq, recession or talk of it, etc...

I want to talk about something very important, not necessarily end of the world type of stuff, but still important. I first registered to vote as Republican way back in 1994. If you were old enough to have been around in 1994, you would have understood its significance. Does Newt Gingrich or Contract With America ring a bell? It started out with high hopes which is why I voted a straight GOP ticket that year. But by 2000, I had become disillusioned with them and it continues to this day.

This year, I'm supporting, rooting for or working on the campaigns of the following:

Two democrats, two republicans. I've known the Padgett family for almost 20 years. I went to school with Matt and Mark. I took the groceries out many times for Patty. They have a gorgeous daughter named Sara Beth.

Scott Emge is a fellow Halls High graduate (1981). Even though I no longer live in Knox County, I still sympathize with them and I just wish they would throw the bums out. Nuff said!

I know Tona Monroe-Ball from working with her on the Ron Paul for President campaign (yes he is still running). Tona is running for state rep in Blount County. Of course, there is Ron Paul.

I vote for the person, not the party. Both parties are a mess, so we are screwed either way. I instead just hope there are at least a few individuals regardless of party who are decent enough to put civic duty over personal power, public service over graft, integrity before politics along with some intelligence, modesty and passion.

Check these candidates out and consider them when you vote or you can always write in None Of The Above.

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Scott Emge said...


I really appreciate your support.
Thank you so much!

RP in 08!