Wednesday, April 23, 2008

National Crime Victims Rights Week

On Sunday, April 13 to kick off National Crime Victims Rights Week 2008, I attended a ceremony for victims and their families at Volunteer Landing in downtown Knoxville.
Several people spoke including Joan and Mike Berry, Johnia Berry's parents, state senator Tim Burchett, and TBI Director Mark Gwyn.

I am deeply disturbed by the pendulum of injustice whether it is people wrongfully convicted of crimes, crimes going unsolved or criminals going unpunished due to lack of resources, lack of sensitivity toward victims and their families, and/or lack of dedication from attorney generals and their staff to see that justice is being served not to mention more than enough defense attorneys who instead of seeing that justice is also being served seem to serve more at the discretion of their own egos. Eventually, we need to not only say enough is enough, but start taking action. The Berry family is doing that. Let's make sure they aren't the only one.

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Amelia said...

I wanted to go to that but had a wedding to help with in Sweetwater that weekend. :( Kim plans to stay in Knoxville with her fiance and pursue a career outside of TV, but within the communication field. Knoxville has a way of pulling people in to settle down here. As for Jessa, I expect she'll stay in news and move on to a more competitive market.