Thursday, April 17, 2008

Great post found on a blog

Congratulations on your decision to strike out on your own. Your comments are entirely accurate when it comes to the benefits of operating on ones own terms.

Big corporations do tend to stifle individual creativity and limit the potential for personal growth. It is harder to think outside the box when the box you're in is resistant to letting you out.

Corporate culture has a specific self reinforcing quality which can be self defeating .

Even companies which were build on innovation and new ideas can and do become enmeshed in a protectionist corporate strategy which is contrary to nurturing and free spirited thinking which keeps them fresh.

All that being said there is of course the issue of the individuals needs to take off in directions which are not within the bounds of a corporate plan and, so comes a point in time when the "call of the wild" is stronger than ones need to stay in bounds.

Good luck in your new ventures.

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