Friday, April 18, 2008

Is There Any Team That Would Take A Chance on Me?

As some of you may already know, I'm in the need of a career change.
I figure it is going to happen this year or it isn't going to happen.

I know what my true love is and that is being involved in some capacity in football ideally with an NFL team in scouting. But I will be willing to keep the balls dry if that means getting my foot in the door. I did play some in high school mostly on special teams. Thus I believe I have a greater appreciation for this aspect of the game than most. So I'm open to serving as a Special Teams assistant.

I mostly ran track and cross country in high school. As you know, I'm not a big man and what I did accomplish athletic-wise was done on pure heart and determination, not ability. Of course, I didn't have a realistic chance of ever beating Tony Cosey. Why God didn't bless me with more size and talent, I'll never know.

What I don't have to offer is a wealth of experience and coaching tenures out the door. I do offer a love for the game itself along with the passion to win and to win the biggest one, the Super Bowl. I've been a draftnik for 20 years now and I honestly feel this is the area where I would serve a team the best. I can start out as a scout scouring the Southeast for those diamond in the rough types at the small colleges. All I ask for is an opportunity. From there, the heavens are the limits as to what I dream about accomplishing. General Manager, governor, maybe president one day? If this career change does work out, then thank the Lord. But if it doesn't, while I know I will be very disappointed, at least I gave it my best shot. Sometimes in life, that is all a person can do.

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