Monday, April 7, 2008

The Eternal Pessimist, The Eternal Optimist

The Eternal Optimist!

To understand where I'm coming from, read this!

I try my best nowadays to see the humor in situations and the good in people even when things do get bad or ugly. You have to these days. Sub prime mortgage crisis, Iraq, gas going for $3.30 a gallon or so, etc…

My dad has a blue collar worth ethic, but could be more out-going. My mom is passionate, but more of a pessimist with people. If I were Peyton Manning, she would say I didn’t throw the ball far enough down the field. Carson Palmer throws it further, but he isn’t in Manning’s league…yet!

So, after almost 32 years, I’m finally at the point where I’ve been able to merge one’s work ethic and sunnier disposition with another’s passion and honesty, but not necessarily her pessimistic tone.

I would prefer to measure up to a Ronald Reagan or even George Washington (although I never will) than Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton.

Some people have the idea that I'm going to be a paper-pusher for the rest of my life (hint, hint). I have bigger aspirations like getting married one day, having twins, helping the Bengals get a Super Bowl trophy (or two or three), and then running for governor someplace before becoming President of the USA. The road to the White House goes through Cincinnati. I wrote Marvin Lewis a letter last week. I just hope he gets around to calling me, God willing. If I'm good enough for Tom Osborne to reply to me within a week, then I'm good enough to work for the Bengals.

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