Sunday, April 6, 2008

You know what is funny?

An online buddy of mine whom I got to know through an old Jane Seymour BBS list wrote me an email this past Friday saying she was "shocked" at what I had wrote her and that if I were going to contact her again, that she wouldn't be responding. Over what you ask? For telling her that I would like to kiss her and run my hand through her long hair (we've not seen each other in person since late 2001). I had become attached to her as a friend and that is where I was writing from.

Then I'm thinking: after 10 some odd years, you don't want anything to do with me anymore just for saying that? She then commented that she was already in a relationship and may be getting married soon. Well, that is great, but where did I say I was going to marry you at least now anyways? Hard to get married over what is basically an online friendship, but a friendship nonetheless.

She tells me about her having to deal with fibromyalgia, a younger sister who has gotten into trouble (hint: wedlock), uncertainty about her future (like I was at one time), lack of self-confidence (like I had once), self-image (I told her once she had nice legs, but who knows what she thinks), but now wants to break off a friendship. I'm not going to kick her out (I did nothing wrong), but I am going to move on with my life to bigger and better things.

Basically between late 2001 (notice the eeriness of it?) up to late last year, my life was lacking direction and purpose. I had dealt with everything from being laid off, suicidal thoughts (it is no fun, believe me) and working job after job trying to find out what I may like to do now that my TV career that I had bright hopes for wasn't coming back anytime soon. Now I dream about being President and marrying Chelsea Clinton!!! I dreamed about inviting 50 women to the White House to dance with me. I would be hard pressed to find even 10 or 20 men even if I was a woman. For most of my life, I had my dad's laid back attitude and blue collar work ethic. He had the ethic, but he was too laid back at times. So about age 25 or so right around the time I got involved in politics, I started finally tapping into my mom's side which was her fiery disposition. My dad wouldn't notice a bull in the living room; my mom would kick it out of the house.

Because of that, we've had many passionate debates and at times angry arguments over a number of matters. We never hated each other, but we did stand our ground. And if you can stand your ground with your own mother, then you can stand your ground against the whole world.

I have met Ron Paul, John Schneider, Paul Tibbets (Enola Gay Pilot RIP), Dolly Parton, Kane, the Dixie Chicks, former Titans offensive tackle Brad Hopkins and Chad Pennington. I would like to meet Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer, Marvin Lewis, Brett Favre, David Duchonvy, Gillian Anderson, Leeza Gibbons, Richard Marx, Michele Silva, Lisa Cornwell, Denae D'Arcy, quite frankly too many to list.

I relate more to women because it has always been women for the most part who have stood up for me. I will never be like John Wayne, Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, or Clint Eastwood. But I do relate to Gary Cooper (because he played a certain Tennessee farmboy) and James Stewart.
I want to show you this clip from Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.

I've been doing this my whole life. Now imagine what the world will be like one day when Mr. Fortner goes to Washington.

It is only a dream, but a nice dream nonetheless.

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I had a funny thought last night after work: Who doesn't get excited about liberty?


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