Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where Shall You Live?

You Should Live in a Small Town

You prefer a close knit community to the bustle of the city.

You like locally owned businesses, local flavor, and friendly neighbors.

There's nothing boring about a small town!


Thabang Motsei said...

I haven't lived in a smal town as yet, but I have family who do and I have to say that it very refreshing when you go to the local grocery store and the shopkeeper calls you by your name.I love that. If I had to live anywhere in the world, it would be somwhere I can enjoy the sun all year round, with cocktail hour everyday, the view of the sea and the mountains not far away. Somewhere I can experience both island life mixed with adventure sport. I could write and take photographs and maybe even raise a few kids. hmmmm, the life! Anyone know a place like that?

Chris F. said...

Hilton Head maybe? Or maybe Denae could point us to a few places off the Oregon/Washington coast.