Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Future Plans

I am planning to attend Carson-Newman beginning this fall. I plan to pursue a bachelor's degree in Physical Education with the goal to get into coaching. I have already been in contact with several of the assistant football coaches. Upon further conversations with them, it turns out they are in need of a video coordinator to videotape their practices and breakdown film for offensive, defensive and special teams units.

In retrospect, I should have majored in Physical Education a long time ago. I have long been interested in a career in sports, but I was not sure how that would go since I didn't play in college and just a little bit of football in high school due to a small size and not much athletic ability. I got by more on determination and heart. It was a bit overdue, but at one time, my original career choice to work in television was doing well before the bubble burst. Also, my dream of working in movies at one time was perhaps unrealistic. The best movies ever made have already been done and there is no point in re-inventing the wheel. Plus, I am too much of a straight-shooter to make it long in Hollywood.

I have worked other jobs over the years and even went back to school with the idea of working as a paralegal. However, while I enjoy reading court cases and am well-versed in legal matters, I have changed a great deal. I am no longer crazy about having to wear a suit and tie everyday, prefer to be outdoors and I have too much energy to be stuck behind a desk all day.

So wish me well.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Will Be Here Soon

I enjoy the Winter, Fall and Spring. I am not crazy about the heat and humidity that comes with Summer though. But no since complaining. I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day and a wonderful summer.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Say No To Horse Slaughter in Tennessee

We have made great strides at stopping horse slaughter in the United States, but we need your urgent help to make sure Tennessee does not roll back that progress and bring back cruelty to horses!

Unfortunately, even though the three existing plants in the United States have been shut down in Illinois and Texas, the foreign-owned horse slaughter industry is looking for another place to set up shop and they have set their sights on Tennessee. A bill (H.B. 1428/S.B. 1898) has been introduced to promote horse slaughter plants in Tennessee -- a wasteful investment since the federal government is on its way to banning horse slaughter nationwide.

This legislation has passed a committee and appears to be moving quickly. It is critical that your state legislators hear from constituents like you who oppose horse slaughter.

Please make a brief, polite phone call to your state representative, Susan Lynn, at (615) 741-7462, and your state senator, Mae Beavers, at (615) 741-2421 to urge opposition to H.B. 1428/S.B. 1898.

Calling your legislators is easy; you will likely speak to a staff member who will take your message and pass it along to your legislator. Remember to be polite and professional, and leave your name and address so it is clear that you are a constituent. You can say:

"Hello, my name is [your name] and I am calling from [your city] to urge [your legislator's name] to oppose H.B. 1428/S.B. 1898 to promote horse slaughter in Tennessee. This legislation will bring an inhumane industry, negative economic impacts and environmental hazards to Tennessee communities. Thank you."

After making your call, please send a follow-up email to reaffirm your opposition to this bill. Finally, please tell your friends and family in Tennessee to take action, too.

Horse Haven of Tennessee
P.O. Box 22841
Knoxville, Tennessee 37933

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I've Been Busy

I've not blogged as much lately because quite frankly I've been busy lately. I'm following up on a few job leads and hopefully something will come out of it. I'm also looking at possibly moving sometime in June. I will blog more within a few more weeks.