Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scott Emge for Register Of Deeds

April 17, 2008

Dear Fellow Ron Paul Supporter:

I want you to know that I greatly appreciate your support in the February primary.

As you know, Knox County's General Election will be on August 7th. This election will fill the county offices are now held by appointees, many of whom are holdovers from the fiasco on Black Wednesday, January 31, 2007.

As a lifelong Knox County resident, I have never seen anything like the situation in our government. In the recent past, we have seen elected officials blatantly and with arrogance violate our term limits law, try to overthrow our charter in court, and "back room deal" to have their cronies or family members appointed to their positions (for example, my opponent was appointed on Black Wednesday, then immediately rehired her term limited boss as a secretary at a $70,000 per year salary).

We have seen our elected officials waste our money by overstaffing their offices, and by illegally using our tax dollars for extravagant meals, alcohol, trips, etc…

These officials have squandered our tax dollars and our trust, then have the gall to tell us they are justified in whatever they feel like doing and we should forget about their misconduct and "move forward". Our elected officials, including my opponent the appointed register of deeds, have proven that they are not public servants…they are serving themselves.

I have to tell you, I am not a politician and have never held any elected office. I have no connections to any elected office holders or special interest groups.

My only goal is to be your Register of Deeds for a limited term and to work for you. If elected, the office will be run efficiently and economically.

I will streamline the Knox County Register of Deeds Office's staff and eliminate any staff positions that are not absolutely necessary. There will be no "ghost employees", there will be no nepotism, and no elected officials or term limited former elected officials will be hired.

I will also initiate an independent audit of the register of deeds office payroll to determine if monies have been wasted in the past to make sure they are not wasted in the future.

I cannot achieve these goals without your help though. I need campaign signs, literature, print and radio advertising and other tools to get my message to the voters of Knox County. As I mentioned previously, I am not a political insider like my opponent, and I do not solicit or accept money from special interest groups or PAC's. My funding comes from the voting citizens of Knox County.

In this presidential election season, I realize it's important to give to the presidential candidate of your choice (most of whom have tens of millions of dollars already in their campaign accounts), but please remember that your local candidates also need your financial support. As you may know, local office holders directly impact the taxes and fees all Knox County Citizens pay.

I would greatly appreciate your help now. Can you make an investment in my campaign today by sending $500, $250, $100, or even $75? Every single penny you send will be put to very good use.

With your help, I can win this race.

Please also encourage everyone you know who wants honest government in Knox County to vote for me. You can get more info on my campaign at my web site, Scott Emge For Knox County Register of Deeds.

Thanks, in advance, for all your help.


Scott Emge

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Dear Scott,

You can count on me to do my part to help raise $15,000 to purchase campaign materials, radio and print ads, and fund phone bank campaigns. I am rushing you my best contribution in the amount of:

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Please write your contribution check to: Scott Emge for Register of Deeds.

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