Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lisa Cornwell: WBIR's latest morning anchor

By now, I'm sure most people in the viewing area are familiar with Lisa Cornwell. She is now co-anchor along with Russell Biven in the mornings from 5-7. While I do have some issues with the morning show (basically I wish Ed Rupp would tone down his antics and too many weather segments), I like the combo of Lisa and Russell. Abby Ham, the previous anchor moved to Cleveland, Ohio after about 18 months. Why Cleveland of all places I'll never know. Then again, I'm a Bengals fan. She was the craze for many male viewers around here, but I liked Michele Silva during the six years or so she was on. Now she is hosting WBIR's Style which fits her so much better and she earned the right to sleep in after all that time too. Too bad she is already seeing someone else. Bummer.

Anyways, back to Lisa. She made her first appearance on Thursday, March 6. I can usually make an informed decision after about a month and so far, I like what I see and hear. She has a clear speaking voice, is professional and personable. Not to mention she is as cute as a button. I would however suggest going with brighter colored clothing and a lighter hairdo would accentuate her face. People after all are either just waking up or have worked all night like me, so we need a sparky upbeat environment.

Lisa is also a golfer and I need to take up a new hobby now that basically my fantastic running career is nearly over. Did I mention she was as cute as a button? Golf would do the trick if only I had the time. But I'm good at making time when I need to also.

In this industry, people come and go. Some people have been here for years like Robin Wilhoit, Rick Russo and Lori Tucker. Others are newcomers who move to new places a year or so later. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but hopefully Lisa is here for the long-term. So, welcome to East Tennessee Lisa!


Denae said...

I worked with Lori Tucker for 3 years at WATE and she is as friendly as she is professional. A great gal.

Chris F. said...

I used to work with her husband when I was at Scripps about 7 years ago. I can certainly understand why Lori would have married him.

Bob said...

Could someone tell me what happened to CHERYL SCOTT?