Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mackenzie Grace McMahan

(Image Courtesy: Baby Mackenzie Foundation)

I first heard about "Baby McKenzie" Mackenzie Grace McMahan last summer while picking up a pizza in Dandridge. While I never met her, I certainly rooted for her and learned more about what took her life: Rhabdoid Cancer. In January, Children's Hospital remodeled the cancer clinic and play area. The Baby McKenzie Foundation is undertaking efforts to raise awareness and funds to battle this rare form of cancer. They are having a Bike Rally at the 411 Biker Depot in Maryville on June 28th. I met with Cindy Currington and Cindy Poe at Cowboy's Seafood this afternoon. They are planning future fund raisers and have found a doctor who is willing to research Rhabdoid Cancer.

Check out the Baby McKenzie Foundation website.

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Amelia said...

One of the Cindy's should contact our morning show for an on-air interview to promote any of these fundraisers....the sooner the better. They can email and Allison, Bob, or our producer Ashley will check it. Air time can't hurt to get more people out to the events.