Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another reason to not vote for McCain

The man is a cheater, liar and a fraud. Don't we already have someone like this in the White House?

Update on the Republican State Convention Scam in WA State
Date: 6/3/2008

Hello Everyone Across the USA!

Some of you have already been mailed the basics of the State Convention update, but below is a recap and also more details from higher up in the ranks, that none of us even learned about until this morning. I am passing them on to all of you. So that it is clear as to why Ron Paul does not get elected this year, and so you don't just think it was due to lack of support from the American people, here is how our Republican State Convention in WA State went this past weekend of May28th-30th, and it turns out this is looking to be a rather common scam happening across America, as rigged by the professional parliamentarian debaters hired to come into these conventions.

First of all, I was an elected State Delegate for Ron Paul, that was supposed to be put on the ballot for the National Convention. I sent in my paperwork and my fee to the WA State Rep. Party. This was supposed to put my name on the list for the vote for Nat'l Delegates going to vote for the President. Conveniently, once the ballots were passed out with the Nat'l Delegate names list on them, my name wasn't on that list, and neither were many other Ron Paul supporters from my District. The Chairman said they must have been "lost" if we did in fact send them. They told us they would put our names on the list if we had our receipt of mailing and proof of payment with us. Well most of us were blindsided by that tactic, and of course we didn't have those receipts with us, as they were sent in almost 2 months prior to that event. So I stood up and asked the chairman if it was the official statement of the Republican party, that all they had to do to keep Ron Paul delegates from going to the Nat'l Convention to vote for Ron Paul, was to throw away or lose the delegates paperwork? And the Chairman said "Yes." I was so shocked I stated "Are you REALLY sure that is the official statement from the Republican Party...that all you have to do to keep us from going to vote for the President, is lose our paperwork prior to the state convention?" and again he said "Yes, the burden of proof is on the challenger." Challenger being the person who's paperwork was "lost". It is interesting to note that no McCain supporters paperwork was lost at all-of course. So the majority of the Ron Paul people weren't even listed on that ballot for the vote. How simple of a scam for the McCainers to keep Ron Paul from winning over him! Absolutely unbelievable.

For the most part, we outnumbered the McCainers on the convention floor with a count of 685 people, where the McCain camp only had 618, yet the McCain Chairman, conveniently refused to do a vote vount even once, and always sided on majority with the McCainers. The Congresscritter from my district #5, Cathy McMorris a pro-NAIS, pro Military Commissions Act, Pro-FISA, pro-National ID, Pro-NAU, pro-Torture, basically pro-everything horrible, was a McCainer at the convention.

In the middle of the convention the McCainers got up in a mass exodus and filed off the convention floor while several of us were standing in line at the microphone to add resolutions against things like National ID, Torture, the Growth Management Plan, Actions against the NAU, actions against UN ruling over America, etc. The McCainers didn't want any of these resolutions passed, so they filed out, hoping to offset the number of th e people enough to stop the whole convention, as there has to be a certain percentage of people on the floor to have a legal "quorum". So, out they all went, including our slimey Congresscritter Cathy McMorris. So we counted the people, had enough to continue....since the Ron Paulers were apparently in the majority...... and we continued. We immediately went to working on the next resolution while they disappeared outside. Once we got our resolution of declaring a war, not just going to war without the legal declaration, the Chairman got on his cell phone and called them all back in asap.

You see, in Nevada, at their state convention, the Ron Paulers also had a huge amount of people, and what the McCain people did there was illegal as well. First of all, the Chairman simply got up and walked off the floor in the middle of some debate. Then all the McCainers filed out and actually went and hid in the bathrooms!! Then they turned the lights off on the Ron Paul people, and they eventually left the floor and started going home. Apparently, after the Ron Paul people went home, the McCainers went back in and reconvened and wiped out all the progress made by the Ron Paul people.

So they attempted to do the same garbage here, only we had enough people here to continue. When they came back in, they flooded the microphones with superflous garble and voted to end the Convention. Asking for the typical 2/3rds vote, the Chair passed it and the Convention was over.

So if you are thinking Ron Paul doesn't get elected this year because enough people were not there to vote for him, think again. We have the people, and they are all getting illegally railroaded right off the National Conventions by illegal practices and professional parliamentarians brought in from other states that are s o well versed in parliamentary procedure that they end up being able to railroad every convention. McCain will get the nomination, but remember, he never got it legally, and he never followed any democratic process allowing the people to speak or vote. He has done everything as dirty as possible, illegal, whatever it takes, he's doing it. Just imagine what he'll do when we the people want him to listen to us! That would be a pipe dream! He is offering nothing but a scam, but all the Ron Paulers already were aware of that since he's a CFR guy.

Below are some of the inner workings that happened on the higher levels of the Convention, as reported by the different District leaders, that the majority of us
knew nothing about until this morning-please check them out - they're appalling!


Scammed Nat'l Delegate for Ron Paul,

Rene' Holaday


Anonymous said...

Cathy McMorris Rodgers did NOT walk off the floor. I do not understand why the Ron Paul group is spreading this untrue rumor.

Chris F. said...

It can be hard to tell what is going on sometimes. Can anyone verify as to what happened in regards to Rodgers or if even half of what is cited in the article is true.

Nonetheless, given my own tough standards when it comes to voting for elected officials, McCain will not get my vote unless he shows he can pass the limited government litmus test.