Monday, June 9, 2008

A girl named Ashleigh and Nicole too!

Blogger's Note: All this week, I will be blogging about my trip to Franklin County, Tennessee which occurred from May 29-31. Come back often this week for more exciting reads and feel free to leave a comment.

(part 3 in a series)

After making a quick stop by the bank to make a deposit, I stopped by the Winchester Antique Mall because you will always find something interesting in antique stores especially in small towns. You can give them a call at 931-967-9930. I'm a celebrity autograph hound with signed pictures from Deborah Norville, John Schneider, Jacklyn Smith to name a few. I bought five photos including one of Dolly Parton.

By this time, I was getting hungry, so I stopped by Oasis for a quick appetizer. But this time, it was a few hours before the big event, so I headed on to the school.

I arrived around 5:30. To my surprise, although I was rather dressed up than most people and it was warm, I wasn't suffering from it unlike I would be the next day, but more on that later.

To make a long story short, I sat over on the visitor's side of the football field. Without having any information, I was able to, much to my surprise out of a class of 356, pick up the individual I had attended the graduation for in the first place, Ashleigh Cole who was sitting on the far right end of the 4th row. Sometimes, I even surprise myself. Another interesting fact was "Nicole" is a popular middle name around here. I counted 16 young ladies with a middle name of Nicole, one young lady with a first name of Nicole and another with a first name of Nichole.

I met up with Ashleigh after the ceremony initially thinking I had missed her at the main gate, but I managed to meet her. I had seen her around quite a bit during the Christmas parades and pageants in late 2006 while I was a newspaper reporter there (long story) and was a "friend" on MySpace.
But this was the first time I had actually talked with her and had that formal introduction so to speak. On this particular night, although a natural blond, she was reddish-brunette. You can probably tell by the picture how hot and humid it was for her especially with that graduation gown on. She has been a singer since she was three and performing publicly since she was 12. Big things seem to be in the works and so we'll have to see what happens. Who knows! She might even want to try some of the songs I've written.

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