Monday, June 2, 2008

Are Men Afraid of Marriage?

I read an interesting article about why many men choose to stay single.

Some legitimate issues as far as I'm concerned. While I don't personally have people knocking me over being single at 32, I've witnessed it happen to others. I don't know, any one out there that can explain why on one hand, you want people to rush into marriage, but then act surprised when couples break up? Obviously there must be something that "society" has against single people. How else do you explain why only one President of the United States has never been married?
Grover Cleveland married while he was in office and the only one to do so.

Divorces, breakups, and what have you are part of life just like bad choices in careers, school, and death.

But I just never felt that I needed to rush into a marriage just to please everyone else. I'm certainly more open to the possibility, but perfectly content to let God take care of it instead of just doing it for the heck of it.


Amelia said...

A lot of men are very careful in choosing the right woman, and very wise...but I also believe many men want to find a woman who makes life too easy, as if there are no obstacles in marriage. The fact is, no matter who you marry, there will always be obstacles and I feel a lot of men chicken out on going through this part of their lives. Now, now...this isn't EVERYONE, but everyone has met men like these.

Chris F. said...

Good points, Amelia. There is no such thing as a "perfect" spouse or anything else. I remember a conversation I had with my pastor in the Spring of 2000 when he commented that committing to Christ is a lot like marriage. Sure, you will have your down periods, but if you don't tie the knot eventually, you will never experience the full joy of it. Sure enough, this past eight years has been a rough ride, but I'm still grateful for the experience. You can read more about my experiences at

Thabang Motsei said...

Amelia is right, there is no perfect person adn obstacles will always be there because people are different. I thin its wrong to say women want to "JUST" get married. I want to marry someone who is right for me, complements me. Being married doesn't mean getting old and becoming different, priorites will change yes but for goodness sake, can we al ljust grow up! I think when in comes to this subject I have to say men are always trying to find an easier reason to remain jerks.Everyone is scared of the unknown but that is life, no guarantees. My two cents worth.