Friday, June 13, 2008

Huntland Graduation

Blogger's Note: All this week, I will be blogging about my trip to Franklin County, Tennessee which occurred from May 29-31. Come back often this week for more exciting reads and feel free to leave a comment.

(part 9 in a series)

It Takes Less Time To Do It Right Than To Explain Why You Didn't

After visiting the mill and wandering about, I headed over to the Huntland school. I arrived around 5 p.m. which was too early since we didn't need to be there until 7 p.m.

I wished I had wore shorts on this day because the heat and humidity were making me miserable even with the AC running. I was fine one night, and miserable the next in terms of the weather. Plus we had a very brief rain. But I can't complain.

Out of a class of 54, the Huntland Class of 2008 had one salutatorian and five valedictorians. One of those valedictorians was Christie Sanders.
I first came to know Christie from the time I was covering several of Huntland's football games back in 2006. The cheerleaders apparently liked having me there because as Christie once wrote to me, "You were the only one there that would take our picture!". LOL!
There was one time when it had rained all day and the field was muddy. They weren't too thrilled about having to do cheers and stunts on a muddy ground. But eventually with some encouraging from me, they overcame their fears of getting a little dirty and cheered their fellow Hornets to victory. I took a picture of them that ran in the paper the next week under the by-line: "Cheerleaders or Mudwrestlers?"

Christie is now living in Music City, working at the Grand Ole Opry and wants to pursue a career in the Music Industry although not certain on the specifics at this time.

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