Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In This Spot, Crimson Grows

Blogger's Note: All this week, I will be blogging about my trip to Franklin County, Tennessee which occurred from May 29-31. Come back often this week for more exciting reads and feel free to leave a comment.

(part 6 in a series)

The drive on David Crockett Highway (Highway 64) is a pleasant drive out of downtown Winchester into a rural atmosphere. The Amish are prominent in this area as well as a few other places in Tennessee.
You head into Belvidere and Maxwell which are unincorporated. It is in this area where David Crockett and his family lived during their time in Franklin County.
It is also where the Crimson Clover caught on in the United States.
Red or crimson clover seeds had been sent from Europe to Swiss settlers in Franklin County in the 1880's. When World War I interrupted the major European trade in red clover, Franklin County began to supply seed for this important agricultural product. Fields were quickly converted to growing clover and both seed and clover were exported from the county.

I stopped by the Swiss Pantry to pick up a quick snack of trail mix.

Since it was Friday, which usually means I don't have a plan, I'm just living for the minute, I just headed on down to Huntland where I snapped a few pictures. You can view the rest of them on MySpace.

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