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What Is Warren Buffet's connection to 9/11?

American International Group (AIG) and other Wall Street firms have been in the news quite a bit lately. So what is going on here? Interesting post from a facebook friend of mine:

Just because they can't find a buyer for their company? Well, duh... That would be like every time someone can't sell their house, the Government will come and buy it at the market price. By the way, does this have anything to do with the fact they they were the insurance company that would have to pay on that skyscraper building that burned up in China? Just curious...

Greenberg Sr. owns nearly 2% of through offshore companies controls about another 12% of the stock of AIG.The connection with Warren Buffet is all the more suspicious in light of the substantiated indication of CIA money laundering through a bank partly owned by Berkshire Hathaway, Wells Fargo Bank, and the strange on goings at the Offutt Air Base on 9-11-01 where Buffet met with President George W. Bush.

Maurice Greenberg, the president and chief executive officer of American International Group (AIG), a multi-billion dollar New York-based insurance company, is no run-of-the-mill insurance salesman. Since taking over the Shanghai and New York-based insurance business of Cornelius Vander Starr in 1968, Greenberg has emerged as one of the most powerful behind-the-scenes political fixers in the Anglo-American Establishment. He is vice chairman of the New York Council on Foreign Relations. He is a member of the Board of Counselors of the Washington, D. C.-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), which serves, on occasion, as Wall Streets private sector equivalent of the CIA’s Directorate of Operations
[Note: Philip Manuel, the investigator, is a member of the Financial Crimes Task Force of the CSIS.]

Greenberg is also the oldest and largest paying client of Henry Kissinger consulting firm Kissinger Associates. Greenberg hired Kissinger as his chief international trouble-shooter in 1982, and has been plowing millions of dollars a year into Kissinger coffers ever since” The Kissinger connection has brought Greenberg an inside track on lucrative insurance and banking deals with both Peking and Moscow. In Chinas financial hub, Shanghai, Greenberg’s AIG is the only foreign company with Chinese government approval to sell insurance policies to the city's 13 million native Chinese. AIG has managed an astounding thing: they have had written for themselves parts of U.S. federal tax laws that gave them tax exemptions (Philadelphia Inquirer as quoted above). AIG won a special provision in the Tax Reform Act of 1986 exempting certain of its operations from a crackdown on foreign tax shelters. AIG as the prime beneficiary of a section in the Tax Reform Act that exempted AIG and other large insurers from taxes on some of their offshore operations, saving them millions of dollars More than 50% of their business is outside the USA, including offshore jurisdictions. On January 6, 1995, John Crudele of the New York Post published a column which called attention to a secret financial deal involving Coral Reinsurance on Bermuda, the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority, a project founded at the time by Arkansas state governor William J. Clinton (ADFA) and Maurice Greenberg’s American International Group (AIG). The story was only out for a few hours when Swaney received a call from a stranger who told Swaney he had been conducting his own investigation of Coral Insurance and AIG and was surprised to learn that the connections led to people then in the White House. When Swaney asked the stranger to identify himself, he declined to do so, for fear of retaliation.

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