Friday, March 20, 2009

The President Insults The Disabled

This is just more confirmation that my decision to vote for someone else was a wise one. Please tell me that we aren't going to be in for more of this over the next three years and some odd months.


Blond Across the Pond said...

Yeah - the Special Olympics comment was a bad one.

Chris F. said...

I can see it both ways. Public figures are under a microscope and everything becomes magnified.
Plus I have misgivings about the political correctness overtones.

On the other hand, it goes to further show that people in his position sometimes need to be guarded. Best to take things seriously and not joke around even although I don't think he meant any ill-will. It would be best for him to not be jet-setting all over the place and focus on what needs to be taken care of. There are enough people upset about that as it is.