Monday, March 2, 2009

Eug, I Accept Your Challenge!

One of my fellow bloggers posted this yesterday.

Since I was already in a frisky mood, I took this as a challenge.
So I came up with select photos of some women I happen to like.
Happy Monday!


Cassie said...

Great job Chris. I LOOOVVVEEE that Dolly is included in the pics. She absolutely ROCKS !!! Soon I am going to post hot foriegn men. So if your game put up some hot foriegn ladies. :-D

Chris F. said...

Bring it on!

Chris F. said...

For those who may not be familiar with all these ladies, they are in order of photograph:

Daisy Duke
Quisha Page (wrestler and model)
Joan Leslie
Claudette Colbert
Barbara Stanwyck
Jane Seymour
Dolly Parton
Kim Novak
Joan Fontaine
Ursula Andress
Dolley Madison
Martha Washington

B said...

So my question for you is, that third last picture (Andress?), do you like the swimsuit or the knife that acts as the accessory?

Chris F. said...

Indeed, that is Andress. I like both of them in fact.