Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jamboree By The Lake

This past weekend, I went to Winchester, Tennessee to attend the Jamboree By The Lake 2008.

I went primarily to see Ashleigh Cole. I previously visited this Memorial Day weekend to attend her graduation. Look for my ten-part series that I did in June.

I slept most of Friday and laid around my brother's house in Tullahoma. I drove down to the lake briefly on Saturday morning, but the heat and especially the humidity was unbearable for me. So I stayed indoors most of the day again and then ventured out around six o'clock that evening. I left around nine that evening having taken a few pictures. Sunday was the big day. I dropped by the Kings Cross Church that I attended briefly when I lived in Tullahoma. I took a long nap that afternoon before heading out again around 5.

Read's Ashleigh's blog for more details on what happened. It will save me the writing since my body and mind are still tired. I never get enough sleep it seems. I also uploaded pictures for everyone to see. However, I will say the dinner at the Western Sizzlin was pretty good. It has been a long time since I ate there.

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