Friday, September 19, 2008

If politics was mud wrestling!

I would be much happier. Jello wrestling, oil wrestling, even honey.
Any ladies that read my blog want to try this?


Art Portfolio & Journal said...

Thanks for the comments on the painting - I whisked thru your blog and had to smile to myself... American politics is so sane. South African politics is amusing if you're safely out of South Africa! This evening I heard on the news that the ANC declared it was acceptable to influence the judge's decision on the numerous fraud charges that stand against our next president Jacob Zuma. Aside from threatening judges, they will now be holding a "peaceful" protest outside the chambers... Sigh.

Chris F. said...

You should have seen how U.S. politics used to be. It was settled with fistfights in the legislature, men dueled with pistols, and women either dueled with swords or had clam chowder wrestling matches at least in the New England area.

Now they just bribe you or make promises they don't intend to keep for the sake of a vote.