Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All Quiet On The Western Front

I have always been very interested in the first World War and a fan of the classic 1930 movie for about 15 years now. On this site you get some info about the upcoming 2009 release of All Quiet On The Western Front.

I found out about it on IMDB while doing a search on my favorite costume designer today, Deborah Lynn Scott. The good thing is that they want a 'gritty, journalistic approach' The bad thing is that as you can read they won't be completely faithful to the book which makes me afraid. In general, I am not too crazy about American war movies - they portray war as heroic and sexy. But you know what? No veteran ever used those terms in describing their experiences and I've talked with many of them. How is contracting malaria for a month in Burma while fighting off Japanese night-time suicide attacks sexy? I would rather be a home with my wife and kids so to speak.

I am actually wondering if they will even take a German approach (like in the book). Generally, I dislike remakes with a passion. But there are some movies where it can be warranted and this would be a case in point. I hope this movie will make more people interested in World War 1 - where people had to deal with the most horrible circumstances imaginable. 1914-1918 sadly seems to be forgotten by a lot of people and the world doesn't seem to have learned from it at all.

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