Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Voting For Chuck Baldwin

After several months of deciding between Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr, I’ve decided this past weekend to vote for Baldwin now that he has been confirmed to be on the ballot in Tennessee.

Policy-wise, they agree on a lot of the general issues facing this nation and world which I'm interested in. I'm an independent who feels the so-called major parties merely pander to the audience they are before albeit with some minor differences in details.

Specific issues that are a concern of mine are the national debt, the devaluation of the Dollar, foreign policy and general economic issues such as right to work laws, taxation and the government's involvement in the economy. I'm a proponent of the free-market which is not to be confused with capitalism although some people confuse them as being one and the same. I also despise socialism and all its derivatives.

Ultimately, I decided on Baldwin because he understands that this is not an issue of political parties competing for the most votes. It is a matter of standing up for the basic rights and liberties inherent in all human beings, not just whatever the ruling class decides are rights and what are privileges. If the Democrats and GOP want to keep going down that road, then more power to them. Ultimately, we'll answer to a higher being anyways. I prefer to uplift my standards as it is.

Not to mention I don’t think the way Barr handled the press conference in Washington to have been an effective method and makes me wonder if Barr thinks we can unite by dividing the movement. Either we hang together or hang separately. After all, what difference does it make whether one thinks taxes should be higher or lower if we are being gassed in a concentration camp?

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