Thursday, May 15, 2008

Whatever Happened To Yvonne Nava?

Yvonne Nava moved to Miami after a brief yet stellar stint in Knoxville while at WATE. She worked at Channel 10 in which you can still read her bio.
She is now an anchor at NBC News 30 in Hartford, Connecticut.

"As for my time in TN, I loved it! The mountains were always so breathtaking. The people were sweet and I enjoyed their southern hospitality.
I was at WATE for 2 years and helped launch the weekend morning newscasts with Bob Becker. Those were some fun mornings. More than 3 years later, Bob (who's still at WATE) is still one of my best friends. Believe it or not we talk every week. He is an amazing meteorologist and we just clicked."

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Anonymous said...

LOVE Yvonne. she's got an awesome smile, great personality and great television presence!

good to know that she stayed local and decided not to continue in a distant area cause the news on NBC would be d.u.l.l :) :)