Thursday, May 8, 2008

Whatever Happened To Teresa Woodard?

Image Courtesy: The NWT Group

Teresa Woodard was one of my favorite reporters during her time here.
She is intelligent, well-spoken and you could always count on a thorough report regardless of the subject matter. Much to my dismay, she left for St. Louis. She is now at Fox News 2.

She had this to say "I'm flattered you thought to look me up and check on me!

I spent almost six years in it will always feel like a second home!
I wonder if the good folks from East Tennessee will remember me!
I left WBIR in September 2005 to take a job in St. Louis that I absolutely love.

I am a reporter for the Fox station. I work with wonderful people, and I've been
really privileged to cover some amazing news stories since I've been here.
In just two and a half years I've experienced historic floods, massive ice storms, and deadly heat waves (Midwestern weather is just a joy).
I covered the Shawn Hornbeck case - he was kidnapped as a young child and
found four years later in an apartment with another missing boy.
Just three months ago I covered the horrible city hall shootings in Kirkwood.

But it's not all death and destruction. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a real baseball fan so the chance to live in an MLB town is awesome! I got to cover the World Series in 2006...even going to New York City for the NLCS! I'm hoping to still be covering news here in the summer of 2009 - the All Star Game will be here!

St. Louis is a town I really love. Only trouble is -- there aren't enough TV news jobs in town for everyone. I'm married to another former Channel 10'er...Mark Schnyder
Mark is working in Louisville, Kentucky as a reporter for the NBC station.
He's certainly making his mark - he was runner up for "Best TV Reporter in Kentucky just a few weeks ago. We call ours a "commuter marriage".
We see each other almost every weekend...he makes the four and a half hour drive.

I do think of Tennessee very often. St. Louis is too flat! The Smokies are beautiful...the people there are, too.

Thanks again for checking on me. I hope someone out there remembers me!
If they do - they'd probably be surprised to know I'm a bit blonder now than ever before!"

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