Friday, May 16, 2008

Whatever Happened To Amy Rutledge?

Amy Rutledge whose hair is also a bit longer now was at Chicagoland's Television until just over a week ago. She is moving to China with her husband who was promoted by his company.


Terry said...

I will miss her more than anyone could imagine. She was all I wanted in a women. I do not understand how she could go to China and leave me.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see her go.
She is so hot.
Enjoyed watching her news broadcasts.
CLTV isn't the same anymore.
Didn't know she was married.
Great lips!Great Eyes!
What the heck is in China?
You heard it here first....

Anonymous said...


How long has she been married? I remember here on WATE.


Chris F. said...

Daniel, I'm not certain as to how long she has been married, but it would have been sometime in the past 3 years since she married after she had moved to the Chicago area.

Anonymous said...

I agree. She will be missed. Great eyes and great lips, CLTV isn't the same without her.

Anonymous said...

AMY is now working in my company in Shanghai. She is a good anchor.
She looks prettier and younger before the camera than in real life though.

Super Dawg said...

CLTV still hasn't found anybody worthy of replacing Amy. What the hell is wrong with them?

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!!!!