Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Whatever Happened To Janna Fite?

Janna Fite is now Janna Herbison. She was a news anchor/reporter at Volunteer TV from 1995 to 1997 before moving to Nashville. She now is a communications consultant in Memphis and published a book called "Southern In The City" about her experiences in New York.

She wrote the following regarding her experiences:
"I could write a book alone about my WVLT/ Knoxville media experiences
(maybe I will one day).

I loved working at WKXT/WVLT. The man who hired me as a reporter there in 1995 (Roger Wallace) went on to be a senior producer for CBS MarketWatch in NY. He actually approached me about the job at a dead body scene on Cherokee Lake, which was pretty funny looking back. That was on a Friday, and I got the job the following Tuesday - will never forget that.

When I started, we literally had a newsroom of about 10 people, and we all learned our craft the old-fashioned way, by having to do everything's not that way anymore in most places.

I previously had the honor and pleasure of being trained right out of college in the WBIR newsroom (as a very green producer) and by people like Margie Nichols and Bill Williams...doesn't get much better than that. I will say now that I did most of the best work in my entire career at Channel 8, even before it became WVLT.
I had the opportunity to interview people like Bill Clinton, Bob Dole and Fred Goldman (Ron's father). I loved working the police and criminal court beat, but it eventually got to me in the end. Too many sad and real stories.

I am so happy that WVLT has thrived so much in the past decade. I stayed there for about a year after the station was bought out in 1996 and I have followed it ever since."

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