Friday, May 2, 2008

Whatever Happened To Denae D'Arcy?

For one, Denae D'Arcy is a fellow blogger. She moved to WKRC in Cincinnati in 2003 after two years at WATE in Knoxville. She tells me that she misses Knoxville and that it is a great city. She had been living overseas in London (hence the Blond Across the Pond) while attending a school for international journalism and traveling all over Europe. Lucky gal!
Denae recently accepted a position at KVAL in Eugene, Oregon primarily serving as a reporter and the 11 p.m. anchor.


Denae said...

Thanks for the write up and link to my blog, Chris! Be sure to take advantage of the Smokies and go for a hike sometime. I miss that part of the States - especially Townsend.

Chris F. said...

You are welcome, Denae. Anything I can do to help out.

Excellent suggestion about going hiking. I need to do it more often.