Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm Bit of An Oddball

I have to admit I'm a bit of an oddball. I suppose most people try to "keep up with the Joneses". But as I look back on my life, I realize that I wasn't born for that. Like the title of the book about Ronald Reagan by Michael Deaver, I'm a different drummer. It is funny that I was born the same year Charlie's Angels and Black Sheep Squadron first hit the air. I also relate a lot to Rocky and Luke Skywalker.

I wasn't even born on the day I should have been. It should have been July 4, but it was May 19. I was born about six weeks early with hearing loss, and weighed only 2 pounds and ten ounces. I literally fit in the palm of my dad's hand. However, I didn't fit into the big world out there.

Well, for the first time in decades, I'm planning to throw a party for myself.
It doesn't hurt to self-indulge once every decade or two. I will send out invitations to people. If people can make it, great. If not, no problem. My idea for this party is to have a venue once I can find one complete with the usual. But I'm throwing in a little twist: a female mud wrestling tournament whereas I take on the eventual winner. Most guys go to bars or prefer women to take their clothes off and what not. I'm into mud wrestling for child's play, not adult entertainment.

So ladies, YOU will get to decide what to wear for this, not me or anybody else.
It doesn't hurt for adults to be like kids from time to time. I just wish adults would act like adults when the time calls for it.

I originally aspired to have a great career perhaps as a movie director or television writer, but I've not been in the industry for some time now. I still follow it and have regular contact with people in the industry. But I've done everything from unloading trucks to pulling pallets to everything in between.
I still dream about doing at least one movie and I will eventually sit down and write that screenplay I've been meaning to write for two years now. Basically, it is set during the 1920's in Chicago, but it is NOT a gangster movie. It has to do with another beloved yet forgotten symbol of that era: The Flapper. I love the flapper because she is so much like me. She flaunts at conventional norms, cut her hair, had petting parties, wore clothes that were outlandish for the time and even makeup.

All these people make a big deal about women burning their bras, listening to Rock N' Roll or even Charlie's Angels. Well, in the 1920's, they were dissing the corset (which I find to be interesting by the way), listening to jazz and bringing boys home.

Nonetheless whatever happens, I've learned especially in this past year, that it wasn't God's will for me to have a great career in any one thing. This is why my plan was diverted years ago. This is why I've done a lot of different things over the years and have a lot of interests, but no single minded goal for any particular career. I did a lot of family vacations when I as younger, but then during my college years and my 20's in particular, I have been too busy with real life to travel. So one of my big goals in 2009 is to travel further west than Nashville for the first time. Specifically, the Big Sur/Carmel area of California and maybe fit in a day to visit Oregon or Los Angeles. Later on, I plan to visit Chicago, Japan, the Cayman Islands to name a few.

I admit, I'm a 19th century man in a lot of ways. I don't talk behind people's backs. I keep my word. I greet a woman by kissing her on the hand (or prefer to anyways), complimenting her on her beauty and asking for her name or how she is doing. Contrast that with how men today are. But I'm also forward thinking enough to find women who can drive a car, shoot a rifle and knows what she wants in life to be interesting. Well, just as it doesn't hurt for a man to get a massage every once in a while, it doesn't hurt for a woman to wear blue jeans either.

The world seems to be falling apart and yes it is bad. But I operate ahead of the curve, plan ahead and will keep moving forward. Case in point is this recession we are in. It has been on-going for at least a year now, but it is only now officially being declared a recession. Yet, I saw this coming years ago. I also have come to the conclusion that based on what we are doing now especially in a policy sense, things will get much worse. You can't borrow, spend and tax yourself out of a recession. It only leads to a depression. Well, what happened after that? See my point?

My study of history gave me inferences to draw upon that while fashions, technology, communications, etc... may change in their methods, on a fundamental level, we are still humans and we do human things. I'm a man of few words, so I will leave it at that.


Marsha said...

If nothing is holding you to a particular place then you should travel to those places you have is suppose to be enjoyed..We all enjoy life differently depending on our own needs. Sometimes even adults need to play.

Teri's Blog said...

Dude, thanks for commenting on my blog. I read yours too.