Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Interpretation of a Dream

Not too long ago, I had a dream about me riding a white horse and wearing what appeared to be an 18th or 19th century military uniform. But it was like a vision of the future more than just the casual dream that people have. It took a little time to interpret this dream and to come to a conclusion about it.

This link about horses gives me some clarity about this dream.

I believe that somewhere in the not so distant future, there is a great calamity that will overcome the Earth. In this vision, I am not certain what has just happened. The land looks destitute. I get the feeling that many people just died here, yet I see no bodies. There are physical and mental components to this soon to be epic struggle, but it will largely be a spiritual battle between good and evil. As I'm riding this horse whose name is Liberty and she is a lady, I charge across the battlefield obscured in smoke, mist, fog, etc... I get the sense that things are flying around me, but I don't see any muskets or cannon shot. Finally, about mid-way, I'm hit near the heart and I fall off Liberty. Liberty is also hit several hits and has a big spot of blood that is striking against her white coat. We both hit the ground. Then all of the sudden, everything seems to stop except the sound of a heartbeat. People are standing around as if time had stopped. A few people even cry almost to indicate that they were guilty of something.

I suffer greatly in this dream. Friends will become enemies and people whom I thought were my enemies become friends. Even complete strangers become friends.

I also age a great deal in this dream perhaps as much as 20 years in a few years time. My health takes a turn for the worse. But I do prevail in whatever is happening whereas many people die.

In essence, this dream is telling me that I will be called upon to lead the people through whatever calamity that we are going through. But as with my experience with people now, they are good talkers, but terrible listeners. I'm an excellent listener, but a man of few spoken words. I prefer to write. It is like there is a disconnect. This event will be one of many battles and involve millions perhaps billions of people. But on an individual level, it will be very lonely. The hit hear my heart is symbolic of suffering heartbreak, yet I don't die.

I even had a vision of my death. It reads on a futuristic looking calendar "July 4, 2076". Well, I was supposed to have been born on July 4, 1976. But it was May 19th of the same year. I'm surrounded by a few friends and family particularly a beautiful woman. But she appears to be around 90. Thus, I am unable to tell what she would have looked like in her younger age. I gradually pass away and then it fades to black like in a movie. No military funerals or big parades. Just fades to black.

I'm still in training, learning patience, humility, and grace while overcoming my insecurities. The knife, rifle and sword will be used, but in limited roles. Only God knows for sure what will truly happen. But I've come to realize that I was born to accomplish some great task that God has set before me. Ultimately, I've just realized that unlike most people, I wasn't meant to have a career. I have a calling.

For most of my life, I wanted to be like Han Solo. Cool, confident, in control of his environment. Yet, I came to realize, initially fought, but now accept that I'm more like Luke Skywalker. How does a simple farm boy even begin to muster the ability to take on something like the Empire?

Of course, we all have dreams and this is probably just another one. But this dream had me thinking about its meaning unlike most other dreams I've had or at least dreams that I remember snippets of. As one of my Facebook friends tells me, "I'd say the universe is telling you it's time to get ready to rumble."

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