Monday, June 15, 2009

Revolutions: Past, Present and Future

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery." - Thomas Jefferson

Perhaps the best known revolution is the American Revolution. It is best known by those people who know anything about this period for places like Valley Forge, events like the signing of the Declaration of Independence, people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abigail Adams plus all those people whose names you may or may not know. Another Revolution that comes to mind is the Iranian Revolution of 1979 which came as a result of long-simmering anger over the United States and British involvement in their affairs.

Revolutions have at times cumulated in wars which have historically been fought with swords, guns, bombs, large armies and navies facing off. But wars have always had a political and moral side to them that ultimately determine who the victor is more than the military aspects. A classic example of this is the Vietnam War. The same is true with regards to the United States involvement in Iraq and its foreign policy in general. Before it is all said and done, I think the experiment called the United States of America will seize to exist perhaps within another generation or so. The idea is long overdue given the failed experiment in liberty that ultimately resulted in the Authoritarian government that we've had for the past 150 years or so.

Today, revolutions are being fought in another way with a technology that become available to the masses in just the past ten years or so: The Internet. Today, tyrants all over the world are more concerned with how many readers a blogger has or how many people subscribe to your newsletters than they are with how many bullets or knives you have. As always, they will urge more laws, restrictions or what have you done under the guise of protecting you, but where the true motive is to silence you. So, don't fall for the non-sense spewing from the mouths of dictators, authority figures, or talking heads that in order to have security, you must give up your liberties. If so, you will most likely wind up in a labor camp or a grave.

The nature of revolutions are changing, becoming more widespread, and are giving more people the opportunity to be involved. Guns, knives and armies will still play a role, but they will no longer be the determining factor in who the victor is.

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