Friday, June 26, 2009

MJ and Farrah RIP

Much has already been said about Michael Jackson, his music, his life, and his passing. It may seem surreal, and perhaps it is. But it goes to show we are all human.

I didn't go to the Knoxville performance on his 'Victory Tour'. but I was certainly into the music videos, the break-dancing (to the best of my ability) and the sequined gloves and jacket. I've had this sense that the last 20 years of his life have been in a sort of free-fall due to any number of circumstances. But his mark on music is undeniable. My favorite of his songs is "Rock With You"

Another much overlooked death has been Farrah Fawcett who died about 8 hours earlier. My favorite Charlie's Angel is Jacklyn Smith. While I never cared much for Farrah's romances, scandals or whatever else, I recognize that her death is a gradual fading away of an era.

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