Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Refuse To Participate In Washington's Recession

I won't waste too much space on the bad times we are living in. It has been covered ad nauseum.

I went through a layoff in 2001 during the midst of the bubble. Looking back on it, I did everything I was supposed to do such as getting my degree, getting my foot in the door and what not, and it didn't work out like it was supposed to. All of the sudden, the life I had planned out for myself (working my way up the corporate ladder, moving to L.A. or Nashville, being a movie producer or music video director, etc...) fell by the wayside. I have to admit though I was seduced by the image and to be honest about it, the kind of movies I aspired to make were those from the good ole days and besides what are music videos? I would have fit well in 1930's or 1940's Hollywood, but they don't make em like they used to.

I've basically done what I had to in order to pay the bills. I learned to be content with less and focused on the basics, instead of allowing myself to be baited into buying a new car every three years or a 5,000 square foot house in the upscale part of town that I couldn't afford. Now when the rest of the world seems to be crashing around me, I am actually getting out more, being more vocal and not allowing the fear-mongering to run my life. I'm going back to college to get a bachelor's degree in Physical Education, I'm planning a trip to California, and I'm not allowing Washington's recession to run my life. I don't do what they tell me anyways.

The key to getting by and even thriving in times like these is to START THINKING FOR YOURSELF!!! Whether it is a career change, developing new daily habits, taking up new hobbies or whatever your heart desires, you are ultimately responsible for your own life. For more practical tips, go to Class Warfare Strategy which I wrote in 2002.

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