Friday, November 7, 2008

My own take on hiring a new coach at UT

From what I've read so far, it seems that UT Athletic Director Mike Hamilton is going about the right way in hiring a new head coach by hiring Neinas Sports Services to conduct a search for potential head coaches. An executive search firm can bring about conducting a through search of interested candidates and weed out the list and certainly prevent an embarrassing public relations display of potential candidates shooting down interviews because they won't be taking a shotgun approach and just hoping to hit wherever it lands.

Hamilton should certainly seek input, but he alone will have to make the call. If I have one concern, it would be that he may allow politics or big-money donors to influence the decision making process. This is what happened to the BCS system.
The BCS is a central bureaucracy created to douse competitiveness and line the pockets of the rich and connected while defrauding the consumer of what is advertised. How American! I've been clamoring for a playoff system ever since the Nebraska-Penn State debacle in 1994.

Only time will tell how things go. Let's pray that it works out for the best.

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