Saturday, April 4, 2009

Proof Of A Recession (to put it mildly)

Yes, the recession/depression has hit Knoxville too. These were taken around the Cedar Bluff area in West Knoxville.
Formerly occupied by Circuit City

Formerly occupied by Goody's

Formerly occupied by Food City. I was working at this store around ten years ago. In a way, those were the good ole days. Sad huh?


Thomas said...

but those companies sucked. Circuit City's prices were always higher then Best Buys, and there selection was smaller... The recession appears to be clearing out businesses that shouldn't have been around anyways...

Amelia said...

And then there was the brand new Circuit City in East Knox as well as Pier One by KCM. I hope that new shopping center on the east side stays in business. I love shopping there.