Friday, February 6, 2009

I Could Never Be A Democrat

I explained a number of years ago how I went from being a republican to a libertarian although I'm not a card-carrying member of the party itself.

I've voted for republicans, independents and libertarians when I could, plus a Green candidate. I have only voted for one Democrat candidate and that was Jim Andrews who ran for Knox County Sheriff in 2002.

So what is it that I have against the Democrat Party? In short, they are essentially big government all the way around. Republicans are big government types, but at least some of them understand what it means to be a fiscal conservative, reducing the size of government, etc...

While I know there are some small-government Democrats around, the party itself has been socialist for so long, they never met a spending or tax bill they didn't like.

They are the ones largely responsible for the massive job losses via their support for NAFTA, hostility towards workers including union members while lining the pockets of the union bosses themselves, regulations and rules that artificially expand the cost of everything from A to Z.

They are terrible at anything related to economics, math, science, etc... because they do not use logic.

I know I will rub some loyal democrats the wrong way with this post, but so what. They have been getting a free ride for too long and it is about time someone challenged them. You say you are for the working people of this nation? Prove it!

I worked at Wal-Mart until recently. I was making $8.55 an hour which is manageable, but AFTER everything is deducted, it amounts to around $7.00 an hour which is BELOW minimum wage. In the 19 months I was there, I had around $4,000 withheld from me in insurance which I never use and taxes, split evenly between the two. I am better able to manage my own money instead of handing it off to someone else to play around with. It is also why I withdrew from the stock market last May knowing that it would drop eventually. So, why not eliminate withholding taxes instead of your empty calls about increasing the minimum wage? It only causes job losses for those just starting out like teenagers, the very people you claim to be helping.

In truth, the Democrat Party is just as power hungry as the GOP. Until they undergo a fundamental change in how they do things, I will never ever be a democrat.


Denae said...

I saw a car with a Ron Paul bumper sticker in Oregon today and thought of you!

Chris F. said...

That is nice to know. Ron Paul was doing more than running for president which the powers that be weren't going to allow in the first place. This is ultimately about forming local grassroots organizations that will restore the Republic. This will be continuing for the long-term.

Gary said...

I hope you're right Chris. We desperately need someone with common sense to get rid of the intrusiveness and unconstitutional behavior of the federal government.

I normally blog about economic issues, and I was a supporter of Dr Paul during his run last year. I posted about him earlier this month after I read a speech he'd made.