Sunday, February 1, 2009

Americans Need To Toughen Up

The bottom line is that it is a brutal world out there. Always has been. But there are those who have become obscured from the world at large.

I think Americans in particular have had it way too easy for way too long. I've come across these very people in my own life. They get uncomfortable because I told the truth about certain things. Would they prefer to be told lies? Most people would.

We just assume we are entitled to things. We just drive one mile to the grocery store (what's wrong with a horse and a wagon?) and get our food. Most people have no idea the process it takes for it to get from raw materials to the shelves.

So how are those people going to be able to survive should we have food shortages, violence breaks out in the streets as often happens in times like these, high gas prices again, etc...?

We are so not prepared. We keep thinking that doing things the same way will work. It is insanity. I and people who are willing to think outside the box will survive and ultimately thrive. Those who refuse to change will not. It is that simple.

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