Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rally For The Republic

To the fine patriots of TN Congressional district 1: Doug Stucker, Nathan Hull, PK Lowrey, Larry LaPlue, Dan Weaver, Chris Fortner, Will Williams, Michael Sabri, Steven Warhurst, Robbie Tester, and Dan Moore.

Gosh, I miss you all! We did turn some heads! Didn't we? I think we made the important beginnings for a better tomorrow. Dr. Paul remains quite impressed with us. He is putting big $ into the Campaign for Liberty. It's new website will be unveiled at the rally and sounds fantastic. It will help us run for elected positions and will be a source for education and connection and ongoing growth of the liberty movement. Please post the message below from Dr Paul on your local Ron Paul Meetup message boards & email it to all Meetup members and all your friends who want liberty back!

Subject: Ron Paul's Invitation to You. Campaign for Liberty in Minnesota

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I am writing you with very exciting news about the upcoming Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis and I wanted you, one of my strongest supporters, to be among the first to know.

First, I want to again thank you for your thoughts and concern about Carol. I am very happy to say she is doing much better and though I am still very concerned, I am cautiously optimistic of a full recovery.

Now for the news.

I am happy to announce that Country Music Superstar Sara Evans will perform as a special treat for Rally for the Republic attendees. Sara Evans, a multi-platinum recording artist and 2006 Academy of Country Music Female Vocalist of the Year, will bring her remarkable talents to an already stellar cast of performers and speakers for this kick off of my Campaign for Liberty.

Of course, what this means is tickets will be going fast! In fact, I think it will be a complete sell out in a matter of hours after this news hits the press.

So, if you have not purchased your ticket yet, I urge you to do so today.

For all the information you need about the Rally for the Republic please go to You can also click to from there to ensure a guaranteed seat at what I believe will be one of the most important events for lovers of Liberty ever held.

If you cannot attend, I sincerely hope you will consider a contribution to Campaign for Liberty to help us defray the costs of this event, and help set the foundation for this vital organization. Just click on the Donate button at the main page.

But I hope I will see you there, at the Target Center, September 2, and we can, together with 13,000 of our closest friends, absorb the words of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, Grover Norquist, former Reagan Administration Deputy Attorney General Bruce Fein; enjoy Tucker Carlson's humor, appreciate the talent of Aimee Allen, Rockie Lynne and others, and best of all, join with me in launching the Campaign for Liberty and help show the world that Freedom IS Popular.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. You or your organization may be interested in becoming a sponsor of the Rally for the Republic. There are various price ranges including various benefits such as a booth at the Rally, your name in lights, tickets to a special thank you dinner, backstage access and more. To find out more, visit the Campaign for Liberty Rally site.

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