Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Great Debate In Beach Volleyball

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I was reading an article on Yahoo about the debate over women's versus men's uniforms in beach volleyball.
Holly McPeak made a statement that they don't think of their two-piece bikinis as being so much
about sex as athleticism not to mention it is more practical.

Our society is certainly sexualized, but why does the human body
always have to sexualized just for the sake of being sexualized? I
understand that in Europe, nudity isn't that big of a deal. My take
is wear or do what you are comfortable with. Wrestling in oil while
wearing a two-piece bikini isn't for everyone. I enjoy watching
female messy wrestling and would wrestle them myself. I wear baggy
shorts, but I usually play volleyball, flag football, etc... with my shirt

I'm not into wearing speedos at a swimming pool because well, I'm not
real big, but not small either if you know what I mean. Not to
mention the sight of women covered in baby oil or suntan lotion tends
to arouse me making a speedo absurd in this case. However, a speedo
would seem most practical if I'm wrestling in mud, oil, etc... and
generally prefer this in the privacy of the basement at a party with women I know or
what not as opposed to being in a club. If I am conscious about any
area, it is because I'm losing hair. I'm shy, but I can come out of my shell in the right situations.

Oh well.

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