Friday, August 22, 2008

Is Central High shooting being blown out of proportion?

Yesterday, a 15 year old was shot to death at Central High School. Another 15 year old has been charged with his murder.

While certainly tragic, I wonder if perhaps sometimes our reaction to such events are blown out of proportion. I tend to look at things rationally or logically rather than emotionally, so I acknowledge that while most acts of violence are illogical, the response to such events are equally puzzling in most cases. Then there are the gun control fanatics.

But quite frankly, I wonder why more school shootings don't occur. Given that it is in our nature to be violent, be it war, bullying, gladiators, Ultimate Fighting Championships, and what not, the question I ask is why all the shock and surprise?

Then again, being a logical person in an illogical world, I guess I'm just dazed and confused. But what do I know?

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Amelia said...

I'm not at all surprised at the fact this happened. And I don't think it necessarily has to do with JUST Knox County society. Both of the kids involved in the shooting come from families who have issues. The shooter's sister is Ciara Siler's brother. We've been airing her mugshot trying to ctach her for First Degree Murder for weeks! And the victim's parents have repeatedly been in jail name it...prostitution, DUIs, assault, heart goes out to these families having to deal with this. But surprise to me is definitely not one of my first impressions. I think Campbell County's shooting was much more surprising than this particular occurrence. But if I was a parent of a Central student I couldn't imagine the thoughts going through my head when I heard the news.