Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who Are The Rothschilds?

How many people are familiar with Bill Gates? Warren Buffet? John Rockefeller or perhaps J.P. Morgan? It is safe bet that most people have heard the name even if they aren't entirely familiar with everything about them. If you were guessing that one of these at one time or another was the "World's Richest Man" or amongst the "World's Richest Families", you would be partially correct. Now would you like to take a guess as to who the world's richest family would be? It is a safe bet that it would be by the last name of Rothschild. It is odd how no image shows up when viewing the slide.

Little is known about the Rothschild family other than scattered information on the net. No photographs are known to exist publicly and their own "Rothschild Archive" is pretty standard especially for having the level of international influence that they have had over the past two centuries.

From what research I have done over the past ten years or so is that the Rothschild (which means either "at the sign of the red shield" or "red shield") family began in local textile trading and currency exchange. Via shrewd manuvering, beginning with Mayer Amschel Rothschild, they financed the French Revolution, then Napoleon's rise to power and eventual fall. They even knew the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo before the field commanders did.

Beginning in 1809, the Rothschilds began to deal in gold bullion exploited from Africa and South America. Mayer Rothschild also speculated in financial instruments such as foreign bills and government securities related to such ventures as the theft of entire countries and their resources later eumphemistically described as colonialism. It was about this time that he first began in the slave trade while with what few public statements he made claiming that he was opposed to slavery. The Rothschild's operations with human trafficking continues to this day.

The Rothschild branch in London financed the North while the Rothschild branch in Paris financed the South during the American Civil War. It was a way to claim interest on the bonds that were being underwritten by Rothschild, bought by the government with promises via taxation to repay and then made a fortune on the bonds when they became due.

The Rothschilds are also one of the principal stockholders in the Federal Reserve, financed all the royal families of Europe during World War I, the Russian Revolution as payback for the Russians refusing to establish a central bank a century earlier, Hitler and Stalin's rise to power not to mention up into current times, manipulating the stock market to usher in recessions and depressions.

For all this, and we know so little about them. At least for those who are even remotely aware that they exist, so little is known about them. By the way, they also have a wonderful vacation spot at Corfu off the western coast of Greece.

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