Monday, January 19, 2009

Good riddance, Bush. MOS from Obama

I won't write a book on the not-so-wonderful two terms of George W. Bush. It speaks for itself. He certainly has been the worst president in my lifetime which isn't saying much. Ronald Reagan is the only one I would have even voted for had I been able to vote at the time.

Now onto Barack Obama. I can't help but to notice how everyone or most everyone is treating him like some sort of messiah. While it is still early to come to definite conclusions about what he will do, just based on what he proposes to do which is more of the same ole policies coming from Washington and his current nominations for various cabinet positions whom are mostly long-time Washington insiders, I have no reason to believe that things will get any better anytime soon. So it will be More Of The Same (MOS). Perhaps when he mentions change, he means change for the worst.

If you thought $4 a gallon for gasoline was bad, wait until it is $6, $8, or more. If you thought a 14 percent unemployment rate was bad, wait until it hits as high as 25 or 30 percent. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics claims the unemployment rate is "only" 7.2 percent. But I've learned from being involved in politics that when the government uses numbers, they are almost never accurate. The Pentagon claims only around 4,200 troops have been killed in Iraq, but it is more like 8,000-10,000. They don't factor in "non-war related injuries" like a mechanic being hit by shrapnel or friendly fire incidents as they are called. So how does the BLS get around this? By not counting those who have exhausted their eligibility, those who are underemployed (i.e. working two jobs, working 10 hours a week just to have some money coming in, etc...), those who don't have a current mailing address most likely because they are homeless or having to move in with relatives or friends, etc...

I have no reason to believe Obama could save us and he couldn't even if he sincerely wanted to. Therein lies part of the problem. He is not being sincere. He is a typical politician. So there you have it folks! Brace yourselves, stick together and prepare to ride it out because this current mess could go on for a long time.

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Candice said...

Obama can't save us!?!? Surely you jest. I thought he was the anointed one????