Monday, July 7, 2008

Chris’s Own Special Burgers

You can make them however big you want. Personally, I like making them about a pound each. For the record, I don’t use lettuce, onions and all that other stuff on top of my burgers; it ruins a burger that didn’t need to be fixed anyways!

Laura’s Lean Beef (my preference); generally I don’t eat the generic store brand beef for a number of reasons

Spicy Burger

Caynenne powder (my preference although cumin or chili powder will work)
Chipotle sauce
Cheddar Cheese (any brand will do, but go for fine grated/shredded) (one package)
garlic, pepper and salt (I eyeball it instead of measuring)

Mix cumin powder and cheese well in a bowl or round container and top with sauce.
Use your own judgment on how much of each ingredient to use.

Put in oven on 350 degrees for 30 minutes or just grill it the old fashioned way

Top with either Sticky Fingers Habanero Hot, Tennessee Whiskey sauce, Jack Daniels Original No. 7 or Spicy Original.

Sweet Burger

Molasses or honey
Mozzerella cheese finely grated/shredded (one package)
garlic, pepper and salt

Repeat instructions from above

Top with Sticky Fingers Sweet Carolina, Jack Daniel’s Honey Smokehouse or Hickory Brown Sugar sauce. Or if you want, just make your own BBQ sauces. There are plenty of recipes on the net.

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Jeena said...

Hi Chris thank you for visiting my food blog and thank you so much for the link.

Your burgers sound really tasty, the sweet burgers sounds fabulous I love ginger.

You have a great blog, nice to meet you. :-)