Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Does The Fascination With Celebrities Say About Us?

"Worldly things are fleeting"

Yesterday, Michael David Barrett was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison.

Of course, other "sex" scandals in the news lately have involved Tiger Woods and John Edwards/Rielle Hunter. But in all honesty, those smack of smug arrogance and feigned ignorance about what they were doing and the potential consequences of their actions. In Erin Andrew's case, it was a legitimate case of stalking.

The obsession with celebrities and everything about them, fast cars, bigger houses, more money, etc... are really indicative of a bigger symptom at work. It is the false belief that you can't be happy unless you are "famous", "rich", "popular" (insert your adjective here). This symptom is of course nothing new. It is human nature at work. In any given situation, you are going to have leaders and followers. Most people will follow especially when the "leaders" appeal to their innate desires and senses such as safety, security, or making all your problems go away. In ancient times, people were enthralled with emperors, their fancy togas, armor, chariots, and other artifacts of the ancient world. They claimed that on condition you give up essential liberty, they will protect you from barbarians and slaves. In modern times, we want presidents, congressmen and experts to protect us. They claim to make your food safe to eat, your water fit to drink, have lifetime employment so as long as you support collectivist policies, and a whole host of other things. How do you think someone like Hitler or Stalin were able to become as powerful as they were? They couldn't do it without the people.

Tied in with these empty promises, when we see the celebrities on the red carpet, all primed up and stepping out of the limo, or on the big/small screen, they are in the spotlight. They are in the position to be acknowledged. Underneath, we also desire to be acknowledged by others. Is your desire to be acknowledged or popular so great that you lose your head over it? Ask Michael David Barrett. There is nothing new under the sun. Somewhere along the lines, it is important to keep in mind that all things must come to an end. Sometimes it is a matter of fate. Sometimes it is a matter of the natural course that life takes. Sometimes it is of our own doing. Don't lose your head!

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